Muddy Run Jersey Style Honey White [375 mL]       $27.

Our White blended with local Harvey’s honey.

*All prices include sales tax where applicable

Muddy Run Jersey Style Rum [750 mL]       $25.

Our sailor-style rum with a molasses undertone and bold taste.

Upper Pittsgrove, Elmer, and Pittsgrove     $21.

This soft-cover book, written by Upper Pittsgrove Historian Bonny Beth Elwell, showcases the community growth of our local area and its ability to remain a land of forests, farm fields, and small-town charm.

Apparel and glassware is available for purchase in our online store.

Additionally, all products (excluding the sweatshirt) are Available for purchase at the distillery.

NJ law prohibits us from selling our craft spirits online,

however all products are Available for purchase at the distillery and from select retailers. 

8 oz. Rocks Glass          $8.

Rocks glass adorned with the Pine Tavern Distillery logo.

Muddy Run Jersey Style Vodka [750 mL]       $38.

Our smooth and unique vodka made from Pinot Grigio grapes with a light and flavorful finish. 


Razorback Tank Top          $20.

100​% cotton tank top. Pine Tavern Distillery logo on front. Available in small, medium, large.

T-Shirt          $18.

100​% cotton T-Shirt. Available in 2 colors: charcoal and light grey. Muddy Run Jersey Style Spirits logo on front left breast. Pine Tavern Distillery logo on back. Available in small, medium, large, XL, XXL, XXXL.

Craft Spirits


Fenwick's New Salem Single Barrel Bourbon [750ML]  $40

Our Traditional Bourbon with a Complex sweet corn taste, with a vanilla, caramel oak finish.

Aged a minimum of 6 months in hand selected small casks.

​    Fenwick's New Salem Single Barrel  Rye Whiskey​ [750ML]      $​38.

​Our smooth Rye Whiskey that starts with a distinctive rye bite and has a beautiful caramel oak finish.

​Aged a minimum of 6 months in hand selected small casks.

1.5 oz. Shot Glass          $5.

Shot glass adorned with the Pine Tavern Distillery logo.

Muddy Run Jersey Style White [375 mL]       $25.

Our take on a white whiskey. A smooth, un-aged spirit distilled from a bourbon mash with a subtle corn finish.

Baseball hat          $19.

Flexfit hat embroidered with the Pine Tavern Distillery logo.

handCrafted Spirits

Sweatshirt          $45.

100% cotton hooded sweatshirt. Available in charcoal. Pine Tavern Distillery logo on the front. Available in small, medium, XL, XXL, XXXL.